PVC Aadhar Card – Is it Mandatory To Apply

PVC Aadhaar card – is a normal Aadhaar card which looks like the Credit card or a Debit card. All the information about the PVC Aadhar has been shared below so that follow the page carefully.

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All the details are been officially shared by the UIDAI itself. It had been said by the Government and UIDAI that the Aadhaar cards should be printed as the PVC Aadhar.

The word in the Country is that the UIDAI has also approved People to carry those Plastic Aadhaar and can also be supported as the Proof Documents when they are submitted at any government sectors and Services like Passport, PAN, Driving License etc.


But later the Government has clarified that the carrying of the  UIDAI in the form of PVC Aadhar card is not mandatory while any copy of the Aadhaar card on a paper is valid at every government sectors.

But the PVC Plastic Aadhar has got its advantages in several ways when compared to the ordinary normal UIDAI.

Benefits of Plastic PVC Aadhaar Card

When the Plastic Aadhar card is compared to the Ordinary one card which was issued by the government you will find PVC Aadhar card as more beneficial due to its physical properties. The following points are the benefits of this plastic UIDAI.

  • Very easy to carry and handle as it looks like a Credit Card.
  • It is difficult to break  or even to tear the card.
  • The card is made up of a hard material called PVC or Plastic.
  • This PVC is water-proof which won’t get wet at all.
  • The lifetime of the PVC Aadhaar is longer than the Normal Aadhar.

The above points are listed as the benefits of the Aadhaar when to compared to all other Aadhaar.

But the Government has released a notice saying that the PVC Aadhar card is not mandatory to carry. How to apply for a PVC Aadhar is been well elaborately explained in the following section.

How to Apply For It?

Getting a PVC Aadhar is easy, as it is provided by the Enrollment Centres. Applying for a PVC Aadhar is a simple procedure which was well explained below in step by step procedure.

  • Visit any nearest Enrollment Centers.
  • Place a request for PVC Aadhar card in the office.
  • Fill in all the details regarding the Aadhar card such as Name, Aadhar Number etc.
  • Pay the fee of Rs.50 to 200/- for Printing of the PVC Aadhar card.
  • Within no time, your PVC Aadhar card will be provided to you.

Note: The pay of Rs.50 to 200/- may vary from one Enrollment Center to another as there are no limits and restrictions fixed by the Government.

But a notice was passed later saying that the charges for printing one PVC Aadhaar card are Rs.30/- and any Enrollment centre collecting more than that will be punishable.

UIDAI Regulations:

The Aadhaar which are provided by the UIDAI for the Aadhar enrolled candidates are printed on a plastic type of material which is also hard to tear but they get wet and are not much resistible when compared to PVC Aadhaar.

As PVC Aadhar is strong enough compared to the Plastic Aadhaar people are preferring to have a PVC Aadhar card.

So if you are so much interested in getting a PVC Aadhar then you must visit the nearest Aadhaar enrollment office.

According to the Indian Penal Code and also Chapter VI (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016, any online merchants who are collecting the public Aadhar information for printing of Aadhar card are the criminal offence punishable with imprisonment.

Other Plastic Cards:

There are still two types: which are provided to the people by any  enrollment office. Those are shown and explained below.

  • Plastic Aadhar: Plastic UIDAI is almost similar to the Plastic cards as they look alike. you can get it at any nearest Aadhaar agency or Enrollment centre.
  • Laminated Aadhar: Laminated Aadhar is nothing but the Aadhar card which is laminated. IT is waterproof and long-lasting as the PVC type.

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